Le colloque Korczak de Günzburg (RFA)
november 7-9 2003
A report in english language
by the Janusz Korczak International Newsletter,
Amsterdam, 2003-11-10.
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The Janusz Korczak Meeting in Günzburg (Germany) this week-end (7-9 November) was very special. Two highlights : The wonderful theater play about Janusz Korczak, ''Der Koffer" (The Suitcase). The piece was beautiful staged by Siegfried Steiger Director of ''Das Experimentelle Theater Günzburg''. We all were deeply impressed by the play and the young actors.

The second touching moment was the unveiling of the sculpture made by Itzchak Belfer (Tel Aviv). Itzchak Belfer was in the period 1930 - 1938 a pupil in Korczak's Orphanage'' Dom Sierot'' The sculpture he made for the town of Günzburg shows Korczak surrounded by children.

On saterday we could visit an exposition of 12 paintings and etches of Itzchak Belfer, in combination with an exposition of first printings of some of Korczak's books. Real curiosities, collected by Erich Dauzenroth.

The three-days meeting was full of music and the whole atmosphere was so warm and catching. Of course also a reunion of old Korczak friends.

Thanks to the colleagues of the Korczak Association in Germany for this extraordinary meeting (we hope to give you a more extended report of the meetings).

The board of the Janusz Korczak Int. Newsletter
Amsterdam 10 November 2003

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